Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In Transit

How does it feel to be hurtling ahead at a crazy speed? When life is running ahead at a pace where you can barely manage to keep up with it. When you are experiencing so many stimuli that you are almost afraid you won’t absorb all that you are meant to. When there is a long distance to run but also many sights to see – how do you decide on what is more important?

Maybe I can think of it as being in a train. Yes you look outside once in a while & that puts its speed in perspective. But the rest of the time, it's this stable cocoon, which is doing the pace for you when you are just about aware of the movement rocking your surroundings. Maybe it is actually pointless to keep harping on how fast the train is going, when you have the option to keep that at the back of your mind and think consciously about what is in your hand to do. You have made a choice to be on the train. At some place in your mind you know that the speed is your kick. Then why be afraid?

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Artemis Fowl III said...

very true bhavna... you are so right...

life is like hitchhiking on one car after another on various roads, sometime to reach a place and sometime just to move... you never tell the driver how fast to drive or how to drive... :-)